Welcome to the Native Plants and Foods Curriculum Portal. Within this website, you will find 5 educational toolkits that explore native and naturalized plants and foods of the Pacific Northwest region. These curricula were developed with an emphasis on serving Native communities and include Indigenous knowledge, stories, and traditions. The curricula may also be applicable for non-native educators and can be used as a model for other regions. Learn more in this introductory video!

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We ask that anyone using these educational materials read the Tend, Gather and Grow Teacher Guide, included in our educational materials. This document explores the ethical harvest considerations and cultural foundations of this work, as well as teaching practices that enhance students’ interaction with the content. We hope this information supports you in building meaningful relationships with plants, local places, and the community.

This curriculum portal was developed in partnership between the Swinomish Community Environmental Health Program, GRuB Wild Foods and Medicine Program, Feed Seven Generations, Urban Indian Health Institute, and Oregon State University.

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Learn about our educational resources and partners on our Native Plants and Foods Story Map! Explore the Clearing Magazine special issue on Indigenous Perspectives on Environment Education, which features articles about educational resources in this portal here. 

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